About Mark Lesley

The Brand is consistently recognized as one of the world’s leading bridal wear design houses. Mark Lesley have received multiple industry awards across all platforms of the bridal wear sector, consumer, trade and retail have all considered the brand worthy of award, in recent times the company has received two of the highest industry awards afforded to designers, Winner of both “Best Bridal Wear Manufacture of the Year” and of “Wedding Dress of the Year”

Our pre delivery service ensures all gowns are fully quality controlled and inspected by our processing team at our UK design and distribution factory before being hand pressed using traditional commercial hand held steam irons and vacuum tables to create simply the finest finish before being packed for delivery to the retail stores.

Our designs are desirable whilst being very affordable and can be found throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe in a network of specialized bridal retailers.

We pride ourselves on the understanding that your wedding day marks a very special moment in time, in all probability the single most important day of a woman’s life, your wedding dress is the centre-piece of that day, a very special occasion for you, your family and friends, our traditional methods and applications which have succeeded for many centuries within the manufacture of bridal wear still to this day are applied to our designs.

As you browse the Mark Lesley collections we hope you find the gown of your dreams, a gown you both enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.