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The business was started in 2013 and was based in Staffordshire at Slaters. Due to a terrible fire in 2020 we relocated to Market Drayton to our new home in Shropshire.


The main aim of our stunning Bridal boutique is to provide an eclectic mix of gowns from some of the worlds most exclusive designers. We provide a high level of attention to detail and serve brides that are looking for that something different​.

We have a “chocolate box” collection of gowns and have something for all.


The fitting room can be a very vulnerable place for many brides. As a Stylist, it's important to maintain sensitivity and compassion in the fitting room, with a focus on creating confidence and comfort for brides. That is why every fitting is by appointment only, to ensure a one to one personal experience is always delivered. 


A bridal appointment is about so much more than just buying a dress! This experience combines tradition, family dynamics, financial and emotional stress, and even body anxiety! My role as your stylist is to help reduce stress, suggest thoughtful options, and listen carefully. 

Trust the process, Trust your instincts but above all… Trust me! 

When you attend your appointment at Elegance Bridal I am able to assist in finding that special dress. It’s far more than “trying on dresses”, it’s the whole VIP wedding experience that makes your appointment special. We have a private fitting room where you’re away from prying eyes, but still very much a  part of the boutique ambience. All of our appointments are on a one to one basis.

Finishing touches include our extensive range of veils, headpieces and accessories to complete your look.


Contact us today to book your appointment and become - a bride of Elegance!

Karen x 


Karen Lea - Boutique Owner 


When dress shopping, please be aware that some dress deliveries are now taking 6/7 months.


This is due to covid outbreaks in other parts of the world having an impact on factories and shipping.


Therefore allow enough time for your dress to be ordered and delivered. We will always try to accommodate actual wedding dates and we also sell from the rail for short lead times.

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